Since 2015, I have been working with the Glion Colloquium, of which I am Secretary General since 2020. The Glion Colloquium is an international association of university presidents that has been organizing meetings and publications on the future of higher education for 25 years. I have been an advisor to the Global Learning Council since 2023, where I am currently responsible for developing the GLC's postdoctoral research project. I hold a Ph.D. in Cultural Studies and Intercultural Communication and a M.A. in Intercultural Communication, English and Teaching Didactics from Saarland University, Germany. I have a long-standing academic interest in communication, learning and self-development. I have conducted international research and lectured on teaching and learning in intercultural communication. My current research and publications focus on intercultural communication, well-being, and behavior change, including the use of technology. I also work as an intercultural trainer, yoga teacher and coach for university teachers.

Gerlinde Kristahn, PhD